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V. I. C. Books

V. I. C. Books

RAMONDAE "WISE PROTECTOR OF THE VILLAGE: Honoring the important roles of mothers and all those who fill the role as a mother in the universe. The conversation of mothers in early days that raised the village and held families together. The book is to motivate mothers in these trying days to not give up and continue to do what needs to be done even when the battle looks hard to win.


MARK: A tribute to a young man who has been the rock of the Mt. Winans Community in Baltimore, MD. He is a servant of God and does what ever he can to make a difference in the lives of other regardless of how small or large the task is. He uplifts, motivates and inspires others to be the best they can with whatever they have. He is funny, hard working, a lay speaker at his church, and loves FAMILY. Come take the journey with Mark and fall in love with a true HUMANITARIAN at heart. The book is also available on publishing website:


PATRICIA "A Divine Teacher": This book is a Tribute to a special lady who continues to teacher, inspire, uplift and take you by the hand even after retirement from Baltimore City Public School. She believes in that it takes a village to raise a child up. She was my pastor, my teacher, my coach, and a Momma away from home. This book will give you foundation of learning and preparation for the next level. She will be a friend to the friendless. Take the journey with Patricia and consider gifting it to someone else. Support a teacher, Support a child make a difference in the lives of a young person. The book is also available on publishing website:


APOLLO "MASTER OF MUSIC:" I don't know who isn't touched by music in some manner. Music is very therapeutic and provides for a wide variety of entertainment. Journey with Apollo as he gives you the history of music and engages the reader to experience the world of music. Take your music enjoyment to the next level with Apollo and improve your knowledge of music. books also available on publishing website:


SISTERHOOD, "No Other Hood Like It": Sisters, how unique and different we are, but we share a common thread, bond, friendship and network. The book talks about what makes sisters so unique and our life together over the years. It engages the reader and empowers her to be the best she can be regardless of the situation. We have each others back. I am my sister's keeper and what that means to sisters across the globe.

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