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Book & Doll Gift Set

Book & Doll Gift Set

These sets are hand made as a part if the V.I.C. Friends series that includes a book, doll, bag and a birth certificate. The book can be sold separately from the doll, but each doll will have a book as a part of their collection. The dolls and books were created by Valerie Hall-Butler, during a time when she struggled in her journey of life and one day she decided that she had to find a way to pick herself up and get back on track. She decided to create dolls to represent the people in her life that had always been very supportive and encouraging to her. She wanted to spread her love and talent to others so they would always have a friend. She hopes whoever comes across these special dolls will be blessed and find joy in having a friend that was given to them for a purpose of compassion.

Thank you for your support in sharing the V.I.C. Friends with someone special.

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